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Related article: Date: Sunday, July 6, 2003 05th 49th 35 -0400 In : C. E. Jordan u003cc. e. _jordan Milan news. com u003e Subject: BROOKLYN BLUES: Tyson u0026 SHAWN Part 1 Brooklyn Blues : Tyson and Shawn with CE Jordan zedzero5 hotmail. com Part 1 Lolita Nymphet Tyson looked out the window of his room in the courtyard of his home to many families. Two floors below, mounted a stroke of luck, dry summer of the dusty square, where Shawn, almost fifteen years, hanging on a war green painted bench with two older teens, a boy and a girl. A piece of paper and a plastic bag floating in the air slowly drift down to a another decrepit farm area. Shawn jumped up and began to a foot. His partner bank, a dream - eyed boy nicknamed 'China' called to him, "Hey black, where are you going," " I do not know... out of here. " Ty saw all this from above. He kept looking, walked off as Shawn , followed by a long corridor trapped by a slight hesitation on the other leg sm feature toAll papers sensual ass eco Shawn n through the body of the child watched. The rhythmic movement fascinated Ty blew a little faster and her young body felt " weird. " The n twelve years with great interest will continue to monitor everything that made ​​the black teen. The input for the connection of Shawn stopped and leaned on an n is the large metal door. His hand slipped under Lolita Nymphet his arm red T- shirt, slowly stroking her flat stomach. old Ty pushed the nose a little round glasses and leaned front of the window ledge. Now I could clearly see several inches game that showed red boxers above the waist blue jeans Shawn. Pants are removed enough so that the gap of fourteen - year-old behind was visible beneath the thin fabric of his underpants. Another child was up to him. RP Shawn shaking the short dreadlocks to welcome the new guys n with a brief nod. A quick handshake followed complex and Ty knew something is pass in the air from one source to another. It is likely that a joint, he thought. A pair of a children who spent a lot of time hanging out there in the yard or sold or bought drugs. Ty knew that Shawn sold the grass and over again, nothing serious, probably just enough to buy nice clothes, new shoes, , and that seemed to look to the child is always needed " fresh. " Now, since I needed the money he had, Shawn became bored and returned to the top of his apartment. Suddenly he saw for a moment and looked directly at Ty. The light shone round glasses, like Tyson tried to withdraw from point of view, but it was too late, and stood motionless, Shawn as the amused gaze locked to his n He was caught watching. One more time. A sardonic smile and a slight touch of a button Shawn is admitted thick braids look younger boy. almost a year ago, Shawn Ty neighbor was in the big, shabby, Brooklyn apartment building. They lived only two doors away from each other in the the same plant, but apart from a bShouted a greeting or an occasional gesture of the head as went together to the room, the boys never had a conversation. However, Ty had developed an obsession for beautiful young neighbor. Shawn is the hip- hop style of the clothes looked so cool. Extra -thick eyelashes any girl would envy black eyes surrounded by deep, and her skin was Dark and smooth, like polished ebony. Tyson was pale in comparison. every day n Shawn saw every step of the security of your window. And now, realized that the teen had begun to notice. ** " Maybe... Maybe if I meet him... really do justice to him and talk.... maybe we can be friends... if only... " * \\ \\ n But Ty had.. already made ​​a decision, ran to the door, and hesitated only a moment, his mind was : ** "Mom said no leaving home... but I wanted it to our inbox mail mailing in the hall... I left the house to get it... y... Shawn is always down the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.. . I'll run down stairs... maybe I'll meet him, while it happens... or something... "* Ty soon found its way into the dark silence stairwell. It was confused on the first floor, ** " What the hell am I doing here ? What can I say if I see ? " * And his heart began pounding harder than it is heard the steps of the stairs quickly. Before I could move again, Shawn out hair appeared in the corner. n " What the fuck? " Shawn stopped, afraid someone found a ride on the shadows. " Who is it? Do You Ty? What the hell are there, man? Damn it ! I was a highwayman. "Step Tyson wanted to say something, but only by a hair escaped from her throat. Shawn and angry, and suddenly looked dangerous until the child boys. He held his chest and shoulder , which are constantly forced to Ty back until it crashed into a wall of the corner shadow breath. vessels Tyson slipped so far by sweaty nose, that theolder guy eyes looking directly at alert. "You know, boy," growled Shawn Act in the face of Ty, " I'm scared and pushed him with the rifle. " While Ty closely grasp the neck with his left hand, the teen feels in its own right pocket as if he has a gun. It was practically pushing the child's body, staring at brown eyes wide. Tyson was Shawn completely overwhelmed by the mere presence, he wanted to flee, but At the same time fought the urge to grab the boy and get his the body more firmly against him. He felt weak, "I... I... " he stammered, "I does not mean anything... I... " His voice squeaked fear pubescent path higher than normal. (To be continued.. )
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